by Selby

   Snow Horizon is a French singer and songwriter. The name refers to the meaning of the actress Chantal Lam's middle name. While spending time in London, she discovered her passion for singing and writing lyrics.


   After participating in a Musical Theatre workshop, she enrolled for online songwriting courses at Berklee College of Music. In a party, she bumped in to a saxophonist who will much later introduce her to his friend guitarist keen on experimenting the home studio. She began to work on the music of her first ballad "Pretty Garden" with  the guitarist and the help of his other friend, a pianist. It will take a long journey after many live performances before she could release her song choosing the final version.


   Snow Horizon also studied music at the Centre of jazz and contemporary music (CIM) in Paris. She began to record her first songs with various musicians in France. Her creations are inspired with influences starting from jazz to electronic beats, folk to alternative music.     


     Snow Horizon is actually preparing her first EP.